Chipperfield Hollow B&B, bed & breakfast, Quadra Island

A bed and breakfast on beautiful Quadra Island, British Columbia

A few things about Quadra

  Quadra Island on the west coast of British Columbia is often considered a jewel in the North Pacific that has attracted vacationers and visitors from faraway places. While we may be a working community, we have a growing number of tourists and seasonal residents who recognize the Gulf Islands as ideal for work, for play, and for short- and long-term stay.

  Chipperfield Hollow has catered to travellers in every season. These visitors arrive on Quadra Island for many reasons and almost always plan to return. It is an ongoing testament to the beauty of our landscape and the reasons we live here in the first place.

  Our island's population hovers between 2,500 and 3,000. Of special interest to some visitors is the vibrant artist community whose work reaches across continents. But that is by no means Quadra's only claim to fame.

  Here nature is at its best. When people seek accommodation on Quadra Island, it is often for outdoor recreation that involves our mountains, our rivers, and the crisp, fresh air we breathe every month of the year. Sometimes our guests come to visit family members or to attend weddings or local events of interest on Quadra Island. Occasionally our bed and breakfast serves as a homestay or a simple weekend getaway from the stresses of city living. Guests love Chipperfield Hollow because it is many things that hotels and motels simply are not.

  Rebecca Spit, one of the most popular parks in Western Canada, is nearby. Some visitors take advantage of the natural kayaking, canoeing, fishing, scuba diving, mountain biking, and trekking on this island, whether through our mushroom-rich forests or over dozens of developed trails. Whatever brings you here, we hope you will enjoy your stay at Chipperfield Hollow, and we wish you similarly warm hospitality across the community.